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Kroma Crackle Medium | Make Beautiful Textures with Paint - Vancouver BC

Technical Information

Kroma Crackle is semi-opaque water based gel that develops fine cracking patterns as it dries. The material is designed to accompany acrylic paint in fine art and craft applications. It is recommended to pair this high quality product with other professional quality materials to ensure a successful and archival result.


This product can be applied to most surfaces– rigid, flexible – as long as the material has been sealed prior to application with an acrylic polymer medium or paint (as described in step one of application process). Examples of tested surfaces for application are paper, canvas, wood, leather, plastic, glass, etc.


Generous application by use of palette knife or similar tool is recommended for ideal results. Product will not crack if application is too thin. The size of cracks can be controlled by varying the thickness of the crackle layer; the thicker the layer, the wider the cracks. Drying process may take up to three days.


The crackle medium can be coloured with acrylic artists paint or inks. Up to 5% paint colour can be added to before application. Product may not crack if too much acrylic colour is added. 


Allow product to dry completely before sealing with water diluted fluid medium. When the material is completely dry it is very absorbent allowing the acrylic polymer medium to penetrate the cracked layer and bond with the surface underneath, ensuring strength and durability. Once sealed with acrylic polymer medium, KromaCrackle can be used as a ground for further mixed media work. 



Health & Safety Information

Kroma crackle does not contain any controlled ingredients. It has been tested and certified to conform to ASTM D-4236.


Detailed MSDS Information